Motor Fab rear suspension kit to suit HQ, HJ, HX, HZ WB Ute & Panel Van.

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Ride height

*** Due to COVID-19 restrictions slowing down the production and shipping of our raw materials please allow approximately 10 weeks for delivery of your suspension kit***

This wonderfully engineered rear suspension kit Bolts in, with the only Mod being to cut away the old shackle hanger mount and drill 4 holes for slider location. The slider has dowels which mate to the factory dowel holes in the chassis, so all the measuring and complex alignment is already done for you. As with all out kits, you will experience a massive improvement in both on road drive ability and handling. As well as traction at the drag strip that’s second to none! 

Kit comes complete with:

Split Mono springs

Unique bolt in rear bearing sliders 

Unique Model specific Traction bar kit

Unique model specific bushing kit

All required bolts, nuts, washers, spacers and bushings to complete install.