*USD $1995 * Motorfab Gen1 Firebirds / Trans Am, Gen1 and Gen2 Camaro Rear Suspension Kit

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Watch our YouTube video with Ryan Martin's Camaro

This is our beautifully engineered rear suspension kit for your Gen 1 Firebird, Trans Am, and your Gen 1 and Gen 2 Chevrolet Camaro.  It bolts straight into your vehicle with absolutely no modifications to your car whatsoever. 

Street drive ability is greatly improved and this will transform your vehicle at the drag strip! 

Tractions issues become a thing of the past and your car will track dead straight

Kit comes complete with:

  • Split mono springs
  • Unique bolt in rear bearing sliders
  • Unique model specific traction bar kit
  • Unique bushing kit
  • All required bolts, nuts, washers, spacers and bushings to complete install.

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